Who Are Maria Logan Hotel Recruitment?

When it comes to opening and running your own business, possibly none are more daunting than opening a restaurant, bar or a hotel.  The reason for this is that you are well and truly in the front line when it comes to servicing your clientele, and as a while, we can be pretty difficult to impress.  We each have standards of service that we believe is suitable to judge all other experiences on.  Was the cup of coffee too cold?  Was the meal too late in being served, was the lemon sauce to lemony or not lemony enough?  And did our waiter or waitress serve us in a respectful manner, timeliness and with the manners and fashion sense that we feel that we are due?

The above are some of the reasons why being in the hospitality business can be a cruel ride, having to give up to each of the expectations that our guests have.  To take this up another level those whole are in the front line of accommodation provision have an even harder time when it comes to ensuring that the rooms are at a high level of clean.  That the towels are folded correctly. the bar fridge is correctly stocked and the bathroom amenities live up to our expectations.

Savvy managers of these type of establishments will have procedures and practices ingrained to minimize as far as possible customer concerns.  These willing workers will do whatever it takes to ensure that we are satisfied with the services that we are paying for and rightly so.  There is no reason for delivering a poor service in any form of customer satisfaction centric businesses as quality service is what the customer is paying for.

So apart from well-designed practices, checklists, procedures born of trial and error and just general hard work (all with a smile of course) no matter the business or how stringent the set standards are there is always one major issue that any business comes across.  And seeing as these businesses are catering to the general public, this issue is compounded, as there is no way to sweep the paperwork into your drawer or delete that pesky email and hope that nobody notices.  This is what tends to happen in non-accountable departments.

The fly in the ointment that can cause a raft of issues for any customer based business is the staff member responsible for delivering the service in the first place.  Bars, restaurants, and hotels all need exceptional staff to complete the myriad of chores required throughout a work shift, all with a willing can-do attitude and a smile. So for these operations, choosing the right staff members is key to making sure that your checklists and well-planned procedures are undertaken to the letter.

When it comes to recruiting front-line hospitality staff you are much better to use a well-known agency for your operation.  You will be needing a Chef, and possibly some cooks.  Preparation staff and dishwashers will also be required as well as cleaners unless you outsource that function to a local cleaning outfit.  One such is the Maria Logan hotel recruitment company.  By using an agency you put in place some recourse if things go wrong with your new hire.  A insurance policy if you will that will have mitigated the possibility of incorrect hires through rigorous testing and extensive background checks for each and every candidate that we accept for an interview.

A recruitment specialist is vital in today’s business resource sourcing and with the right agency on your side you should be able to get on with your role of managing your business and allowing those that you have employed to get on with their job of serving the guests in the manner that you both expect from them and that what you pay them for.

An agency such as the Maria Logan Hotel Recruitment company has specialized their processes so that they can to make sure that they are only forwarding the best standard of the candidate to you for the initial business walk through an interview.  Realistic this interview should be more cursory considering that you are paying your chosen agency to provide only the best applicants on their books.

When shopping for an agency to contract out your staff requirements to you should look at one that can assist with the full range of staff that you will be requiring, from Chefs to preparation staff, dishwashers, and any other kitchen based functions that you have.  Your wait staff does need to be carefully selected as they are the customer-facing few that are the face and voice of your operation and who the guests will vent to if things are not to their satisfaction.

Hopefully, you are now beginning to see the vast range of decisions that a restaurant owner.  If you are running a restaurant not only are wait staff highly important as these are the customer-facing connections who will be the face and voice of your establishment, you also need to ensure that an agency can provide quality resourcing in all other factors of your personal needs.

I suggest looking at an agency such as the Maria Logan Recruitment organization as the type of model to use.  In short a company that is very well versed in the end to end staffing needs for all who dare to enter the world of restaurant, bar or hotel business owner.  By using the one agency you can build a tighter relationship, one that allows the agency staff to become more familiar with your operation to the point where they can even keep a file of those applicants on their books that they fell would be a good match for your business.

If you do happen to actually be based in Dublin, Ireland then you are indeed in luck as this is the home of Maria Logan Hotel Recruitment and taking the time to have a discussion with one of their senior recruitment managers will set you down the path of continued staffing additions.