Filling out a CV or Job Application? Before You Go Any Further, Read This

There’s a lot of pressure when it comes to job hunting. Job seekers have to present the very best versions of themselves, essentially trying to sell͟ their personality and skills to prospective employers. Yet with so many people searching for employment every day, it’s challenging to stand out from the crowd and be truly noticed.

For most employers, the new hire process is a tedious, boring drag. Sifting through potentially hundreds of applications and CVs isn’t how most managers would like to spend their day. So, job seekers need to create an impression with their application and somehow make themselves different from the bulk of their fellow applicants.

How is this done? Read on to find out.

Tips for Writing Your CV

Use a Template

Unless you are a whiz and create a template for yourself, there are plenty of CV templates that you can download from the internet to use with your preferred word processor. These templates create a clean, professional-looking image that leaves room for nothing but the relevant information that employers care about.

Keep Your CV Updated

Once you have written a CV, it’s important that you keep it updated. Employers will not be impressed with a clearly dated CV.

Keep the Sector in Mind

What sector is the job opportunity in? Make sure that you highlight any and all relevant education, experiences, talents and skills that you have that relate even in the slightest way to your chosen industry. Don’t fluff up your CV with irrelevant information.

Tips for Submitting Job Applications Online

Read Job Descriptions Carefully

A job listing will have all relevant data pertaining to what the employer wants from their prospective employees – hopefully. Read every detail that is put into the job post. These details are important and reading them all can give you greater insight into the job itself. Additionally, this will keep you from having to ask questions that have been answered on the job post – which is obnoxious to most employers.

Don’t Skip Anything

Skipping portions of the application is considered a faux pas, unless the section refers specifically to experiences that you simply do not have. This shows employers a lack of care about the hiring process and will more than likely result in your application being looked over in favour of one that’s been completely filled out.

When it comes to finding your next job, you should be diligent and detail-oriented in how you present yourself in your CV and online applications. These two things will provide the employers with their first impression of you, so it’s vital that it be a good first impression.